About me

My name is Martha Schreiner Barrientos. I’m a passionate and energetic woman always creating moments of joy. I live to pursue my dreams and I try my best to inspire others to follow their hearts. Nothing can stop a good soul with the right attitude and the blessing of the universe. Oh yes! I’m spiritual.

My native language is Spanish. I was born and raised in the Mexican culture which I’m very proud of, I’ve managed to learn English, French and German. There’s nothing that I love more than being in front of the camera or on a stage, that is where I belong. I became a professional actor at the National Academy of Drama in Mexico city, I’ve completed my master in Dramatic Arts and continued my training in Buenos Aires, Argentina and New YorkCity. 

I strongly believe through the arts you gain tremendous significant experiences, it can cure trauma and bring many different cultures together and share their stories. I decided to begin a modeling career because I wanted to see more women that look like me in the fashion industry since it has always been a market that has always been neglected however we have evolved beyond these stereotypes.



I did a modeling campaign for the Museum of Modern Art in NYC and I got to work with the incredible Noah Kalina.

My first paid job ever as an actress here in America was in the Netflix tv show Orange is the New Black. I was a background and I got a chance to wear the inmates uniform.

I’m passionate about good cuisine and Mexican food is one of my favorites. Life is always better with some good tacos and real guacamole.

I love salsa, rumba, chachacha, bachata, aaaaaayayayay! My mom used to be an aerobics instructor and later I became a Zumba instructor as well. I love to teach dance and make others find their movement.

Pandemic has been a struggle for me, I find it hard having real bounding through a screen, I rather hug, kiss, work and have any kind of interaction in person.

I like to describe myself as a spicy, latina actress. I have a very thick accent. I love to playrole an alter ego as a sassy Spanish Teacher.

Cool Fact About Me

I’m passionate about good cuisine and Mexican food is one of my favorites. Life is always better with some good tacos and real guacamole.

My zodiac sign is Scorpio. November 9th this Queen was brought to life.

I got the role of Morticia Addams for the Addams Family musical and two weeks before the opening I broke my wrist in rehearsal. I still performed on a cast.

Daybreaker is a party that starts at 6 am in the morning and there’s no alcohol or drugs, it begins with a yoga class and then the dance floor becomes a magical space. People dress up with incredible costumes and we dance and jump and scream until our hearts are out! no judgment, just joy, happiness, community and this is my favorite workout! and the only way I leave my bed so early 😉

If I died today I got nothing to say but thank you, people must know I’ve lived an incredible, blessed life. So thankful for what I’ve experienced and reached so far and if I’m dead now, you must know I’m dancing in the stars next to my grandma Martha who I remembered and loved very much.

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